What our volunteers think

We could go on all day about why you should volunteer for Guide Dogs! But, why not listen to what some of our current volunteers have to say…

Michelle with Guide Dog in training Lucy

"Hello, I’m Michelle and I am a fosterer for the London community team. My husband and I adore dogs, but we can’t have a pet because we are not sure if our lifestyle will change in the near future. We found out about being a volunteer fosterer on the Guide Dogs’ website and we thought it was a brilliant idea. You give one of the dogs in training a sort of bed and breakfast service and then it’s with the trainer during the day. Because of my volunteering, I feel more confident in dealing with people that I haven’t met before. I feel useful because I’m helping blind and partially sighted people, even in an indirect way and I feel happier, not just because I now have access to dogs, but the Guide Dogs staff are just brilliant. It’s just an absolute pleasure to be part of the volunteer team, to help blind and partially sighted people and to contribute to society in this way."

My Sighted Guide volunteer Dan

"I’m 35 years old and living in London. I’m now on my third My Sighted Guide partnership with a lady called Sunethra and this is my best one yet! I first got involved because I wanted to do a little bit more, become more hands on, more involved rather than just contributing money, because I thought it would be more worthwhile. I see Sunethra once or twice a week. We recently went to the National Gallery, where they held an audio description of one particular art piece and I helped Sunethra explore the art. On other occasions we also do more regular things like going out for long walks and enjoying coffee breaks. I’ve never really done activities like this before and wouldn’t normally choose to, but I really enjoy it because I can see how much Sunethra enjoys it. I definitely want to do it again. It helps people like me to get out of their own life and help people that actually need support."

70% of our volunteers have made friends through volunteering for Guide Dogs.