Corrie star takes on new role as puppy midwife

Corrie star Charlie De Melo was on hand to play puppy midwife and help bring a new generation of life-changing guide dogs into the world.

The actor and his mum Lynne have made an adorable video for the charity Guide Dogs to celebrate International volunteers Day on Sunday 5th December.

Lynne is a volunteer for Guide Dogs and looks after guide dog mum Sarah, a golden retriever who recently had her first litter of nine gorgeous pups at Lynne’s home in Leicestershire. 

Charlie, who plays Imran Habeeb in Britain’s longest-running soap said: “It’s just amazing that you play a small part in making someone else’s life better whilst also having this really rewarding, fulfilling experience for yourself.  

“The knowledge that their journey doesn’t stop with you, that they go on to make a real difference to someone else is fantastic. We get updates from their puppy raisers and the guide dog owners, so we’re pretty constantly kept in the loop as to how they’re all doing.”

Lynne started volunteering for Guide Dogs because she wanted to be able to bring a dog to her work at a hospice for children and young people. She was looking for a lovely gentle dog and with a guide dogs mum, she knew she would get a dog who is well behaved and with a fantastic temperament. 

Her volunteering began with a dog called Toni, who is Sarah’s mum and now retired. Sarah’s lovely litter lived at home with Lynne until they were around six-weeks old. The pups then went to Guide Dogs’ National Centre in Warwickshire for thorough health checks, before each of them then went to live with a puppy raiser volunteer for the first year of their lives. 

Lynne added: “When the puppies leave you and you do feel sad, just remember they’re going on to change the life of someone with sight loss and that makes it all worthwhile.”

Charlie regularly posts pictures of the puppies on his Instagram and is very happy to spread the word to get people to volunteer and fundraise for the charity.

Lynne said: “It’s a privilege to volunteer for Guide Dogs. Not only do you get a beautifully behaved dog but you’re doing your bit.  I get to bring these beautiful puppies into the world and I know each one is going on to be life changing for someone with sight loss.” 

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