Orientation and mobility training

Movement Matters habilitation training includes orientation, mobility and life skills. If appropriate for the child or young person, Guide Dogs can teach a range of mobility skills such as:

  • Understanding the parts of the body and how they move
  • Posture and walking style, and how to skip or run
  • Spatial concepts and orientation – for example understanding left and right
  • Auditory skills – for instance using hearing to identify car sounds and to judge traffic flow
  • Use of any remaining vision
  • Understanding environmental features – for example, how many legs are on a chair
  • How to safely use public transport
  • Skills to prepare for using a cane, such as moving in a straight line
  • Cane skills
  • How to learn the way around new places
  • Road safety, including road crossings
  • Use of technology such as GPS
  • Learning how to use all of the senses together
  • Use of low vision aids such as magnifiers
  • Wheelchair mobility

It is always best to work with a qualified habilitation specialist to ensure the development of those all-important mobility and independence skills. Although anyone can pick up a cane and gain some measure of protection from it, it takes a qualified habilitation specialist to teach a child or young person with vision impairment how to use one safely and to maximum effect.

We can also teach independent living skills to children and young people, which could include:

  • Personal organisation skills – such as how to put things in the same place each time so they can be easily found
  • Shopping skills
  • Self-advocacy and social skills
  • Personal care skills, like cleaning teeth or pouring a drink
  • Personal safety
  • Managing money

Movement Matters parent guidance days

As well as working with children and young people themselves, we offer parent guidance days in different locations around England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

At these events, parents and carers can meet and chat in a safe, relaxed and comfortable environment to explore and discuss the possibilities for their child.

Parent guidance days equip parents and carers with a practical understanding of how they can support their child’s journey towards greater confidence and independence. Informal and interactive, these events are led by qualified habilitation specialists who can answer questions and point parents to further information.

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