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Pupdate 3 -  Skye continues her exciting journey

Hello, it’s Glyn here, Skye’s Puppy Walker. Welcome to her third Pupdate! 

Skye has been nothing but wonderful from day one. She has learnt so much already and no doubt will be brilliant at training school. Skye has coped so well with every challenge that has come her way and has a really patient and gentle personality. 

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    Always by my side

    Skye loves to come sit next to me no matter where I am! In the mornings I like to have a cup of tea and watch her resting beside me. When we go on walks, Skye loves to meet other dogs, and while I used to worry about her dog distraction, she has improved so much. Now she likes to go up to other dogs to say hello but doesn’t run off. She’ll have a little touch on the nose with the other dog and then will run straight back to me! Skye is a great companion and is perfect in all social situations. 

    Nothing phases Skye

    The recent impact of coronavirus has meant I’ve needed to find new ways of ensuring Skye has continued to progress in her training, given that travelling to public places hasn’t been possible. Before the social distancing guidelines were introduced, we visited lots of different supermarkets and cafés. Skye was so well behaved that I could put her lead down, and she would sit and wait for me to come back. She was also able to experience different modes of transport and had no problems at all with trains, buses and cars. Skye wasn’t even phased by the loud noises they made as they approached – which can be common for a lot of pups! 

    Once the restrictions are lifted, I’m looking forward to taking Skye to London as I think this will be a really fun experience for her. I’ve noticed that Skye loves visiting shops almost as much as her free runs! 

    Positive outlook

    I think Skye will be a wonderful companion for someone in the future. She creates a really good bond with everyone she meets and has shown me nothing but love. It’s been wonderful to see Skye’s confidence and personality shine, and I can’t wait to see this continue. 

    Look out for your next Pupdate to see how she is progressing on her journey to become a guide dog! 


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