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Here you can keep up to date with all your pup’s latest photos and videos of their journey to become a life-changing guide dog. We hope you enjoy watching your puppy transform into an incredible companion for someone who is blind or partially sighted. Thank you so much for your support; amazing people like you help make these special partnerships possible.

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Puppy introduction

Thank you for sponsoring Finn! 

Hello, my name is Janine Dixon, Dog Care & Welfare Manager at Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre (NBC). 

Finn is a friendly standard poodle/Labrador who enjoys running around in the garden.

The NBC plays a critical role in our ability to create extraordinary guide dog partnerships. Our breeding pairs are specially chosen for their outstanding physical and temperamental qualities as it is vital that pups born to become guide dogs are intelligent and good-natured. Finn’s mum Annie is a Labrador, while his dad Ulster, is a standard poodle!

Finn’s journey

Now that Finn has been vaccinated and assessed at the NBC, he has been placed with his Puppy Walkers, Bob and June, who will look after him for a year and help him to explore the sights, sounds and smells of the world. It’s important that Finn has lots of different experiences so he isn’t nervous or fearful of new situations. He will learn basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stay’ and ‘come’, as well as other skills like to walk ahead on the lead – not to ‘heel’.

Next Finn will be off to guide dog training school where he will learn everything he needs to know to guide a person with sight loss.

We are excited to see how this affectionate puppy develops. His training to become a life changing guide dog is only possible thanks to your generous support! With over 180,000 people with sight loss in the UK rarely leaving home alone, the skills Finn and his siblings learn are vital. We can’t wait to update you on his progress as he prepares to change the life of a person with sight loss.

Within 28 days of sponsorship, sponsors will receive a welcome pack that contains a picture of Finn, a photo album to fill as he grows, a magnet and more! Throughout Finn’s journey you will be updated on his progress with Pupdates every few months, beginning in June. These will include photos, videos and links to exclusive content about Finn.

Thank you again for your support. The Sponsor a Puppy team and I have included lots of pictures of Finn at six weeks old for you to enjoy, as well as some downloadable images for your phone and Facebook so you can show off your new sponsored puppy!

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Meet our latest Sponsor a Puppy trainee Finn