Hattie's Pupdates

Here you can keep up to date with all your pup’s latest photos and videos of their journey to become a life-changing guide dog. We hope you enjoy watching your puppy transform into an incredible companion for someone who is blind or partially sighted. Thank you so much for your support; amazing people like you help make these special partnerships possible.

Hattie's new home

Hi, I’m Debbie, Rehoming Officer at Guide Dogs, and I’m here to tell you about Hattie’s new home.

I am pleased to tell you that Hattie has become part of a wonderful young family in Essex. Hattie is settling in well and exploring all the lovely walks and countryside in the area. She is the only dog in the household, which means she will get lots of attention, and there are plenty of doggie friends nearby for Hattie to play with. The family also have access to a holiday home on the coast and I know Hattie is going to love visiting the beach in the summer!

Thank you so much for supporting Guide Dogs. It is unfortunate that Hattie had to be withdrawn, but she has found a loving home.


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Previous Pupdates

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Hattie in action