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Pupdate 3

Hi I’m Che, Hattie’s Early Trainer. I’m pleased to say Hattie has made it to training school!

Hattie is such an attentive and willing girl. We’ve bonded very quickly and she has grown very attached to me. When I arrive at the kennels she is always happy to see me and can’t wait to start our day together.

A new routine

Hattie shares a kennel with her best friend, a golden retriever called Zorin. I think they really helped to settle each other during those first few weeks of training school life. Hattie’s day starts with breakfast in the kennels with Zorin followed by a morning and afternoon training session. It’s lovely to see how eager she is to learn!

Quick to learn

I’ve been spending lots of time working on key areas that Hattie needs to improve on. One of these is her dog distraction as she’s very friendly to other dogs and always wants to go over and say hello when she should be working! It’s crucial to her success in the next stages of training that she manages to concentrate on the task at hand. She has made fantastic progress in just a few weeks though - when we came across a few dogs during a supermarket visit recently, Hattie was much more focused, which is brilliant!

Hattie is excellent at walking to heel on the lead. I make sure to give her lots of verbal and physical praise to encourage her with this (as well as the odd treat - she loves her food). I’m working on her patience during commands like ‘wait’ though, as she tries to follow me wherever I go! 

Getting ready for the harness

The next stage for Hattie is the guide dog harness, so I’ve been using various techniques to get her used to the feel of it along with preparation walks in quieter areas. Once she’s confident, we’ll start exploring other environments and begin using public transport together. I’m sure she’ll take it all in her stride.

Little quirks

The other day I gave her and Zorin a rope toy to play with whilst they were running around - they each had hold of an end and were running up and down the field together for ages without letting go. It also makes me laugh that when she hears an interesting noise she’ll tilt her head to the side to figure it out!

Thank you so much for sponsoring Hattie.

I’m so excited to see how this intelligent girl progresses, look out for your next Pupdate in June!

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