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Pupdate 3

Hi I’m Cassi, Irvine’s Early Trainer. I’m excited to tell you how this loveable boy has been getting on.

Settling in

Irvine has just moved to Redbridge Training School and has settled in really well. He’s so loving and friendly to everyone, especially my other trainee dog Lobo! We are a very happy little group.

Building a bond

My entire first week with Irvine was focused on building trust. I spent time giving Irvine vocal praise and yummy treats, as well as lots of cuddles! At the end of the week our bond had really strengthened, which will help with Irvine’s training.

Obedient boy

As we’re not long into early training, I’ve been running through Irvine’s basic obedience skills such as ‘sit’ and ‘down’, which he’s brilliant with. He’s also particularly good at waiting at the door until he’s told to go through, which will be very valuable to his future owner. Irvine is a delight to walk on the lead and always greets people very politely which makes me proud! I’m gradually introducing Irvine to the guide dog harness and we’ll soon start travelling on public transport together. I’m hopeful he’ll be as confident with this as he has been with everything else we’ve done so far. We’ll also be working on Irvine’s patience levels as although he’s very obedient, sometimes he rushes to get to the next task! Asking him to wait a little longer than usual at kerbs and regularly asking him to sit and wait whilst we have coffee or lunch will help improve this.

A day in the life of Irvine

Irvine starts his day by having breakfast with his kennel mates. He’ll then spend his morning in guide dog training alongside his best friend Lobo! After that, Irvine spends time being groomed and playing with interactive toys, which helps keep him interested and engaged. It won’t be long before I start taking him out to quieter residential areas on training walks.

Funny little quirks

Irvine makes us laugh as he loves to give people a big lick on the face to greet them! He’s also so funny with his little blue ‘wubba’ toy - he loves to throw it around for himself. I have a big purple octopus toy waiting to be introduced to him too which I know he will love.

Thank you so much for sponsoring Irvine.

Irvine is such a lovely, well-rounded and confident dog. I’m delighted to have him as part of my pack. Look out for your next Pupdate in June!

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