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Hello, it’s Glyn here, Skye’s Puppy Walker. I am excited to update you on what she has been up to. 

Skye is the third puppy I’ve raised for Guide Dogs, it’s a 24/7 job but it’s the best job I’ve ever had! When my husband started to lose his sight, I wanted to get involved with Guide Dogs in the community and puppy walking seemed like the perfect way to do that. I’m so proud to be raising puppies that will make a difference to people’s lives one day. 

Learning the ropes

When Skye arrived, my other puppy in training, Oscar, was still living with me. It was lovely to see him teaching Skye the ropes and they got on so well – although she soon became the boss of him! 

Skye is very obedient around the house. She sleeps in her bed, is patient with food, and I’ve even taken the stairgate away as she knows she isn’t allowed upstairs. 

Skye’s favourite toy is a big stuffed dog; she drags it around the house and won’t let it go! She also likes her chewy bones which are great for her teething.  

Fearless pup

I’ve been exposing Skye to lots of different sights and smells such as supermarkets and cafés. This is known as ‘socialisation’ and is helping to build her confidence – not that she needs it! She is an incredibly bold girl and not nervous about new environments or loud noises. Even the bagpipes at a county fair didn’t faze her! 

I’ve also taken Skye to St Pancras station in London, and she remained calm throughout all the noise and crowded platforms. Confidence in busy environments will be vital to her success as a future guide dog.  

Learning new skills

Skye has been attending puppy classes to learn basic obedience skills. She’s a bright pup and has already mastered commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’. As she loves other dogs, I was worried she would be distracted by them during class, but after she’d said hello to everyone, she was very calm and took it all in her stride. I’m so proud of her. 

Skye does have a bossy streak and always likes to have my full attention so she barks when I’m on the phone or talking to someone. I will be working on improving her patience over the coming months and teaching her that although she’s gorgeous, the world can’t always revolve around her! 

Thank you so much for sponsoring Skye. Look out for your next Pupdate in February.

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