Fundraising tips and ideas

Looking for ideas on how to reach your fundraising targets? It couldn’t be easier with the helpful tips and tools we’ve put together, you’ll be hitting your fundraising goals in no time! 

Fundraising ideas:

  • Personalise your JustGiving page – upload your images, share your story and make personal milestones with JustGiving shareables.

  • Stay current – make sure you update your fundraising page and social media throughout the week. People love seeing your progress and may be more likely to donate. Don’t forget to use the hashtag: #walkyoursocksoff

  • Think outside the box – why not set your own fundraising challenges to encourage people to support you? E.g. For every £25 raised I’ll wear a fancy-dress item during my walk!

  • Shout about the finish line - did you know up to a third of donations come in after the event? Make sure you share your success when you reach the end of your challenge. 

  • Got a question on how to start? Visit our frequently asked questions page.

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Tracking your steps

Find out below which device is best for you to keep track of those steps… 

  • Smartphone App

    Smartphones come with tons of free downloadable apps available to track your steps. Most devices have built-in step trackers so you could already be tracking your steps without knowing!

  • Pedometer?

    Pedometers are the original step tracking device and are still widely available. Just clip one onto your waistband and the clever little tool will mechanically track your steps.

  • Activity tracking watches

    Looking to invest in a more advanced step tracking device? The fitness watch industry is booming and with a scope of capabilities to suit a range of budgets, they are currently the most popular step counting device.

  • Sock-O-Meter

    Prefer something visual? Download and print out your ‘Sock-O-Meter’ and display it with pride as you update your daily step count!

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