Looking for ideas on how to reach your fundraising targets? It couldn’t be easier with the helpful tips and tools we’ve put together, you’ll be hitting your fundraising goals in no time! 

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You can be any type of stepper! 

Looking for ideas on how to reach your step challenge target? Here we have some simple activities which you can achieve to help you meet your goal. 

Be a School-run Sprinter!

Why not take your family with you for a walk – to the park, to the local shops or walk to school. Don’t forget every step counts towards your total so if you can swap the car for a stroll it’s worth it! 

March to the music! 

An hour of a dance class like Zumba, your favourite Tik-Tok routine or Tap dancing like you’re in Riverdance could get you a nice 5,000 steps and will wake up both your mind and body! 

Be a Spring-clean Strutter

Put a spring in your step! Whether it’s hoovering, dusting or mopping the floor – just a 10-minute spring clean could get you 1,000 steps closer to your target! 

Be an At-home Hiker!

Don’t feel like facing the great outdoors…? Well, marching or jogging on the spot whilst indulging in your favourite 30-minute TV show can get you a whopping 3,000 steps or more! Movie marathon anyone? 

Are you a Staircase Stroller? 

Usually get the lift? Why not take to the stairs instead? Did you know that Mount Snowdon is equal to around 7,120 steps and Ben Nevis is equal to about 8,810? Imagine climbing them in a day!

And just 20-minutes walking the stairs is equal to about 2,000 steps or one mile!

Fundraising tools

Facebook content ideas

Add a Walk Your Socks Off frame to your profile picture

  1. Go to Facebook picture frames.
  2. Select a frame from the menu or search for the frame you want to use.
  3. Click Use as Profile Picture to save.

You can also customise photos and videos that you take with the Facebook camera.

Remove a frame from your profile picture 

  1. Click your profile picture in the top right hand of Facebook.
  2. Click the camera icon in the bottom right of your profile picture and select Switch to previous picture now. 
  3. Click Confirm.

Fundraising ideas

  • Personalise your JustGiving page – Personalised pages have the greatest success. Simply upload your images, share your story and let people know why you are raising money for Guide Dogs.

  • Stay current – make sure you update your JustGiving fundraising page and social media throughout the week, people love seeing your progress and may be more likely to donate. Don’t forget to use #WalkYourSocksOff.

  • Think outside the box – Why not set your own fundraising challenges to encourage people to support you e.g. For every £25 raised I’ll wear a fancy-dress item during my walk!

  • Shout about the finish line - did you know up to a third of donations come in after the event? So, make sure you share your success when you reach the end of your challenge. 

  • Got a question on how to start? Visit our frequently asked questions page.

Walk Your Socks Off Super Stepper tote bag

Become a Super Stepper and get rewarded!

If you go the extra mile and raise a life-changing £100 or more per person we’ll send you a limited edition Super Stepper tote bag along with your well-deserved socks!

Tracking your steps

Find out which devices are best for you to keep track of those steps before they run away with you…