This May we challenge you and your group to step up and help us provide life-changing services to children and adults living with sight loss in the UK. 

Walking Your Socks Off as a group doesn’t need to involve you meeting up in person. Walking together virtually is a great way to keep your spirits up, keep in touch with people at a difficult time and pool your steps to make your chosen target a virtual walk in the park!

How to take part?

  • Pick your team

    Recruit a group of like-minded people you want to take on the challenge with – what about your team at work? Friends or classmates from school, college or uni? Your regular fitness class members? Local youth group? Football buddies? Book club? Family members? Remember to follow any government guidelines that may be in place at the time- we want you to be a safe stepper.

  • Sign up!

    Sign up as a group – only one of you needs to sign up but don’t forget to tell us how many are in your group. Remember you can choose when in May you all take part.

  • Set up!

    Set up your JustGiving page – this is super important! You can easily do this as part of your registration process, or you can quickly visit Just Giving to get ahead of the game!

    You’ll need to add your group fundraising target which is simple to work out. Just multiply the minimum fundraising amount (£50 for adults £25 for children) by the amount in your group or if you’re feeling confident go higher! Reach your target funds as a group to all get your paws on a pair of exclusive Guide Dogs socks created by a top fashion designer that you can wear with pride! For example: if there are 5 adults in your group work out £50 x 5 = £250 group total. If there are 3 children and 2 adults work out £50 x 2 = £100 and £25 x 3 = £75, so the group total would be £175. Reach your target funds as a group to get your paws on a pair of exclusive Guide Dogs socks each created by a top fashion designer that you can wear with pride! 

  • Step target

    Choose your target step count for the week! Why not see how many steps you all normally walk and add half again – or if you’re feeling brave – double it! Decide how you will complete the target between your group – will you all do the target in a week, divide it between your group or do it as a relay in 24 hours – the choice is yours. Keep a track yourself by downloading our measuring tool, the Sock-O-Meter.

  • Step out!

    Now pull up your old socks and get walking! Share your team's progress using #WalkYourSocksOff and join our exclusive Walk Your Socks Off Facebook page. Keep sharing your progress on your JustGiving page too, this will keep people donating.

  • And... Feet up!

    Congratulations, you’ve done it! All you need to do now is pay in your group fundraising and you can have a cup of tea, put your feet up and wait for your well-earned designer socks to arrive! See our FAQs for more details.

A person bending down tying up their shoe laces with Walk Your Socks Off socks

Share your group progress as well as pictures and keep up to date with all the news as it happens on our Facebook page! Don’t forget to use #WalkYourSocksOff

Taking part as a school or youth group? 

Looking for your next challenge? Take on your chosen step target as a class, whole school or youth group and complete them when you choose in May. Do the steps in one day collectively, over a weekend or across the space of a week.

It couldn’t be easier to take part and by raising £25, if you're 16 or under, each of you can get your paws on an exclusive pair of kids size Guide Dogs socks! This year we’ve teamed up with iconic British Designer Julien Macdonald to create your very own exclusive socks!

Taking part with colleagues at work? 

Walk Your Socks Off is the perfect team building challenge so why not encourage your colleagues to take part as a group? 

Working from home? Why not bring all your colleagues together and challenge them to complete the challenge virtually, it’s a great way to boost team moral from a distance, you could even have a prize or forfeit for those who raise the most or least!