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You’re doing something amazing! On behalf of all the children with sight loss who could go on to achieve a lifelong dream because of your generosity – thank you.

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£ 15.00

£15.00 could pay for a Guide Dogs expert to help run a family event for an hour - allowing a child to make friends.

£ 20.00

£20.00 could pay for a one hour habilitation session with a Guide Dogs expert – helping a child achieve a dream like doing gymnastics.

£ 40.00

£40.00 could pay for a two hour habilitation session – helping a teenager get out and about on their own.

Minimum donation amount of £2.00
Donations over £10,000

Email or phone Lisa Willmot on 0800 953 0113

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Make your gift go further, at no extra cost to you. As long as you are a UK taxpayer **, Guide Dogs can reclaim 25p of Gift aid for every £1 you donate.

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Please let us know if you no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains, if you want to cancel this declaration or if your name or home address changes.

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