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With your support, we can help change the lives of people living with sight loss.

Your donation will help change the lives of people living with sight loss

Every day 250 people start to lose their sight in the UK. This is equivalent to one person every six minutes.

When someone loses their sight, we're here to make sure they don't lose their freedom as well. Your donations are crucial to help us continue our work. Every penny raised makes a difference to people living with sight loss in the UK.

What your donations can buy

A German Shepherd guide dog puppy in training

£16.00 could buy a 'puppy in training' jacket for one of our puppies.

A smiling young girl and her mother sitting together with an Habilitation Specialist

£26.00 could pay for a child to attend a Guide Dogs My Time to Play session, where they can learn important skills through play.

Black Labrador in harness lying down

£42.00 could support a working guide dog partnership for a week.

Guide dog owner Taylor crouching next to her guide dog Jilly

Meet Taylor and her guide dog Jilly

Taylor is a talented singer and vocal coach. Her job involves lots of travel, and while she has some vision to help her in the daytime, she didn’t feel safe with her cane in the dark. It got to the point where she was almost turning down work because she was panicking about getting there and back.

In June 2023, Taylor started a new chapter with her first guide dog. The fabulous Jilly has helped Taylor feel like she can do anything – and that’s all thanks to the incredible generosity of supporters like you. But there are more puppies who need to start their journey to become guide dogs for people with sight loss.

“With Jilly’s help, I now feel like I can do anything! Every night out with friends, every job offer, every opportunity – I can say “yes, yes, yes!””

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