A quarter of pet dog owners say fireworks are their dogs biggest fear

Guide Dogs has issued advice on fireworks for dog owners ahead of Bonfire Night, as new data reveals that pet owners said their dogs were more scared of fireworks than being left alone or going to the vet. 


A quarter of dog owners polled in Guide Dogs’ Great British Dogs Survey said that their dog’s biggest fear was fireworks and loud noises, while 18 per cent of owners said their dog was most scared of being left alone and nine per cent said going to the vet. 

While every dog is different, there are a number of common signs your dog might be scared of fireworks, including:
• Destructive behaviour 
• Cowering or hiding 
• Shaking or pacing 
• Being scared to leave the house 
• Urinating unexpectedly
• Vomiting or diarrhoea 

With firework season well underway, Guide Dogs has provided advice on how to keep dogs as comfortable as possible during firework displays.

Guide dog owners have told us about the impact fireworks has on their dog’s wellbeing. Here are some of the comments:

“My guide dog shakes and wants me to comfort him when fireworks go off. He jumps with every bang and occasionally has accidents indoors, wetting himself. I have to make sure we are home well before it starts getting dark, have her fed and have let her out before the fireworks begin.”

My dog is scared of fireworks. He shakes and hyperventilates uncontrollably and tries to bury himself under furniture or climb into my lap. I always try and take him out earlier so that we avoid fireworks when they start later in the evening.

“I usually plan to take a half day off work or arrange transport before it goes dark on Bonfire Night. Over the years, we have tried many different techniques to try and make evenings during October and early November less stressful for her, including closing the curtains and leaving lights on, and by creating a quiet, dark den for her to sleep in.”

Is your dog scared of fireworks?

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