Hundreds run for Guide Dogs at the London Landmarks Half Marathon

More than 200 people ran for Guide Dogs in the London Landmarks Half Marathon at the weekend including our very own Chief Executive, Tom Wright.

Tom ran alongside Ambassador Jess Impiazzi, five runners wearing our Hero dog suit and 198 others in bright London sunshine, raising more than £45,000 between them.

There was even a Talking Buses-themed cheer point at mile nine, which spurred runners on just as many of them hit ‘the wall’.

Feedback from excited runners included:

  • “What a fantastic day! Great support (especially at mile nine), glorious weather and an amazing charity that I feel truly honoured to have run on behalf and raised funds for.”
  • “Absolutely LOVED running for #TeamGuideDogs yesterday! You guys really gave me a boost at mile nine as I started to hit a bit of a wall around then.”
  • “I had the best time being part of #TeamGuideDogs at LLHM. The cheer squad at mile nine was incredible and just what I needed when I started to doubt myself.”
  • “Absolutely LOVED running for #TeamGuideDogs yesterday! I’m so chuffed to have raised £1,110 for an amazing charity. You were just at the right point at mile nine, seeing all those doggies. Gave me a massive boost.
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