The Great Guide Dogs Tea Party

National Tea Day

National Tea Day 2019 is now over for this year!  You can still raise money for Guide Dogs by hosting a Great Guide Dogs Tea party.

Celebrate National Tea Day with us by hosting your very own Great Guide Dogs Tea Party. Get together with friends, family or work colleagues, at home or at work and help raise money while indulging in your favourite cake or dunking your beloved biscuit - all for an amazing cause.

Kenzie is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. We do everything together. I just don’t think I would have ever had the confidence to cope with University and do all the amazing things I’ve done if she wasn’t by my side.

Inside your fabulous kit

  • You will find all the resources you need to organise a fabulous tea party that will raise lots of dough for Guide Dogs
  • Your fundraising booklet will provide you with ideas and inspiration to help make your tea party magnificent
  • Fancy invitations to invite all of your friends and family
  • Wonderful posters to spread the word
  • Sweet Pup Sweepstake Scratch Card - to boost tea totals
  • Plus lots, lots more!

When’s the tea party starting?

Once you have signed up for your free fundraising kit and planned your party, simply choose the date that is best for you. This year's National Tea Day is on 21 April but yours can be whenever is best for everyone involved. Get your invites out there, get everyone together and enjoy your very own Guide Dogs tea party. Don't forget to let us know how you got on!