Paying in your fundraising

Once all the fundraising fun has faded away it’s time to pat yourself on the back and say well done – you did it! Then it’s time to tally up your fundraising pot and send the life-changing money you raised to Guide Dogs.

I describe being partnered with my guide dog Spencer - my knight in shining black armour - as the first day of the rest of our lives.  He’s been the last missing piece in getting my life back and I feel like myself again. My partner says it’s like having the old Terry back.
Terry, guide dog owner

How to pay in your fundraising

Complete our quick and easy online form to pay in your fundraising

Other ways to pay in your fundraising

You can also pay in your funds via one of the other options below. To pay in your funds using one of these methods, you'll need to use your unique fundraising reference number or one of these codes below depending on the activity (this is not needed for our online form above):

  • Tea Party (including coffee mornings) – code Tea Party
  • Fundraise for us (any general fundraising activity) – code FR4US
  • Schools and youth groups (any general fundraising activity) – code GDAS
  • Naming a puppy - include your Name a Puppy reference number
  • Speakers (donations from a Guide Dogs speaker talk) – code Speaker 

Get in touch

Need help? Our fundraising team are here to provide any support and advice you may need. 

0345 143 0192