You can help change lives

The number of people in the UK living with sight loss is increasing. Today, there are nearly two million people living with sight loss severe enough to have a significant impact on their daily lives.  

In October we launched a campaign to help fund the lifetime cost of seven guide dog partnerships, that will give freedom and independence to people living with sight loss. We set an ambitious target of raising £420,000 and we still need your support to make it happen. The sum will enable us to fund seven adorable puppies from birth to retirement, on their journey to become life changing guide dogs. 

Our appeal puppies; Harry, Prue, Anthony, Declan, Jamie, Sandra and Cookie, are taking their first steps on that journey. As uncoordinated bundles of fluff, they have a lot of learning and growing to do as they begin to explore the world. It will take approximately two years of training before they are ready to support someone with sight loss. 

We need your help to make it happen. 

How you can get involved

There are lots of ways you can still make a difference and help us reach our Pups to Partnerships target:

Group of Guide Dogs fundraisers by the beach

From tea parties and quizzes, to sponsored challenges and dress-down days. Get all the ideas you need to fundraise at home, at work or in your community.

Guide Dog puppy looking at donation box

We rely on donations to continue our life-changing work. Every pound raised will help make Pups to Partnerships possible. Fund a partnership and change a life.

Donating an hour of your time to join our Pups to Partnerships fundraising collections across the UK, will help us fund life changing services for people with sight loss. 

Great partnerships start here

One of the nation’s favourite partnerships were introduced to their gorgeous guide dog puppy namesakes last week!

TV stars Ant and Dec met Labrador Anthony and Golden Retriever Declan, two of the seven life-changing guide dog appeal puppies.

The pair commented: “We’re so proud to be part of the Pups to Partnerships campaign; not only do we get to meet these adorable puppies but we also get to hear about the great work that Guide Dogs does.”

Puppy Ant and Dec sleeping together

Puppy Profiles: meet Ant and Dec

Appeal pups Ant and Dec have a lot of growing and learning to do on their journey to become guide dogs. When the playful duo aren’t exploring the world, or hanging out with their celebrity namesakes, you can find them dreaming about their life-changing future.

Guide Dog puppy running in the grass

Follow Cookie's journey

Taking her first steps on the road to being a guide dog, Cookie loves to explore new sounds and smells. She is a German shepherd – the same breed as the first four British guide dogs that were trained back in 1931.

You can sponsor Cookie from just £1 a week, and watch her grow from a six-week-old bundle of fur to a qualified guide dog.