We're holding a limited number of bookable guided sensory tours throughout the Paws on the Wharf event period. These tours will showcase highlights of some of the sculptures across our vibrant trail, providing a unique multi-sensory experience.

The tours are open to all, but to support the trail being accessible, each tour will have priority spaces for people with sight loss and there will be the option to request a sighted guide. 

Tours will last around 90 minutes - book now to secure your spot!

Please note that the tours are subject to weather conditions. If adverse weather is forecast on any of the tour days, we may need to cancel due to health and safety reasons. Please check your emails before starting your journey  -  we will let you know if there is a cancellation.

A man guides a lady through a museum entrance hallway

Bookings now open!

Book on a free sighted guided and sensory tour.

Touch and smell items

The sensory tours provide the opportunity to touch items and smell specific scents our artists suggested that relate to their designs.

We'll provide hand sanitiser that we'll ask all participants to use, and ensure this is done safely. However, if you have any allergies or reasons why smelling scents such as essential oils and other substances is unsafe for you or have any concerns about this, please raise this at the start of the tour, and we recommend you refrain from smelling the scents.

A full list of items and scent ingredients that may be included are provided below. We ask that you check the list before booking to ensure there are no issues.


Vanilla scent
Lavender scent
Rock salt and Driftwood scent
Daffodils scent

Real items to smell:

Dog biscuits
Fresh herbs
Mint humbugs
Camomile tea bag
Coffee beans
Oil paint

Touch items:

Sheet of braille
Furry blanket
Dog biscuits
Fresh herbs
Squeaky dog toy
Woven blanket

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Accessible events partner

With thanks to United Airlines whose generous support is enabling us to host these sighted guide and sensory tours.

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