Bark to the Future

Bark to the Future was designed and painted by professional artist Glen Brooks.

Design summary

'Bark to the Future' is based around the old Sci-Fi tin toys of the 1950s and is also inspired by the 1980s film ‘Back to the Future’. He’s a time-travelling guide robot that has been sent from the future to save humanity using his bravery, keen sense of smell, loyalty and intelligence.

Sensory items

We asked our artists to come up with a scent and a touch item that relates to their design to give a multi-sensory perspective to their concept. Some of these items will be incorporated into our sighted guide and sensory tours. Glen's sensory items are:

  • Touch item: A sheet of metal or popping candy.
  • Scent item: Oil.

If you are interested in giving Bark to the Future their 'furever' home you can bid in our auction!