Where's Theia

Where's Theia was designed and painted by professional artist Caroline Daly.

Design summary

About her design inspiration, Caroline said, “The design is based on search and find books. It is covered with flowers and wildlife, reflecting nature. There are five dogs hidden amongst the wildlife. It highlights the sense of sight - the viewer needs to work a bit harder to see the dogs, encouraging them to think about sight and people with sight loss.”

Sensory items

We asked our artists to come up with a scent and a touch item that relates to their design to give a multi-sensory perspective to their concept. Some of these items will be incorporated into our sighted guide and sensory tours. Caroline's sensory items are:

  • Touch item: Flowers and grass.
  • Scent item: Wild flowers.

A cream James Wellbeloved logo on a green background

Sponsor of Where's Theia - James Wellbeloved

James Wellbeloved is the sculpture sponsor for Where's Theia.