Spectrum was designed and painted by professional artist MrASingh.

Design summary

A tactile guide dog with dots that form a map of touch. Some dots, subtly raised, guide fingers along the spectrum of emotions. Spectrum reminds us that every touch tells a story, and every dot is a step on the remarkable journey of those who navigate the world through touch.

Sensory items

We asked our artists to come up with a scent and a touch item that relates to their design to give a multi-sensory perspective to their concept. Some of these items will be incorporated into our sighted guide and sensory tours. MrASingh's sensory items are:

  • Touch item: Velvety fuzzy patches.
  • Scent item: Lavendar.

If you are interested in giving Spectrum their 'furever' home you can bid in our auction!

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Supporter of Spectrum

Our Accessible Events Partner United Airlines is supporting Spectrum.