Guide Lines

Guide Lines was designed and painted by professional artist Sue Guthrie.

Design summary

About her design inspiration, Sue said, “Guide Lines is inspired by the artwork of icon Bridget Riley, whose art epitomises London cool in the 1960s. My hope is that the bold design will appeal to all, with tactile elements making it accessible to vision impaired visitors. The white elements are smooth, and the black elements are slightly raised and textured.”

Sensory items

We asked our artists to come up with a scent and a touch item that relates to their design to give a multi-sensory perspective to their concept. Some of these items will be incorporated into our sighted guide and sensory tours. Sue's sensory items are:

  • Touch and scent item: Mint humbugs.

If you are interested in giving Guide Lines their 'furever' home you can bid in our auction!

The black Canary Wharf Group logo on a white background with blue paint splats

Supporter of Guide Lines

Our land partner Canary Wharf Group is supporting Guide Lines.