Gayani Ariyaratne

We're delighted to have Gayani Ariyaratne support our trail and paint a guide dog sculpture.

About Gayani

Originating from the enchanting land of Sri Lanka and now finding her place in the diverse community of Great Barr, Birmingham, Gayani embraces the roles of an artist, vegan chef educator, and versatile individual with a range of skills. Since 2017, Gayani has been a part of the Wild in Art community, drawing inspiration from the delicate wonders of nature, especially the grace of flowers and the marvels of the natural world.

Her art serves as a reflection of her deep-seated love for the environment and her commitment to climate advocacy. Alongside Gayani's artistic pursuits, she is deeply involved in a few noble causes of conservation, working tirelessly to make a positive impact on our shared planet.

Gayani commented; “Amid my busy life, I find peace in fabric painting and glass painting. With every stroke, I let my creativity flow. Each design I make is my way of showing my love for art and nature, and I use that to help the community as therapy for mental health.

In my journey, I've also dedicated my talents to charitable endeavours, raising funds for various causes. Participating in this art trail for Guide Dogs is a heartfelt endeavour, allowing me to contribute to a cause that holds immense importance.“

Follow Gayani on Instagram at @gayanigolddust

A yellow guide dog sculpture. The dog's chest is covered in white flowers. The dog's lower half is covered with vibrant flowers on a green background.

Herby's Tale

View Gayani's sculpture.

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