Clarke Reynolds

We're pleased to have artist Clarke Reynolds, the 'Blind Braille Artist' design and paint a sculpture for our art trail.

About Clarke

Clarke Reynolds is bridging the gap between visual and tactile.

He said; “Taking that small dot, blowing it up and giving it purpose. As we start to talk about sight loss through my art instead of being hidden away just like braille. I’m here to show the creative industry that a blind person can be seen as a professional artist, not a hobbyist.”

Clarke hopes to inspire the next generation of vision-impaired children to get a career in the arts, and is the proud patron of the charity VICTA. He commented, “It’s so important to be a role model, and why can’t I be famous and make a difference? To be part of this trail is amazing because I am on the guide dogs list, and to raise funds for a future dog, not just for me but for thousands who so desperately need a dog for confidence and most importantly independence. Let’s get people talking about sight loss and the enjoyment of being blind because I love being blind. I can’t change it I’m embracing it through my art.”

Follow Clarke on Instagram at @clarkereynoldsofficial

A blue guide dog sculpture with purple and blue spots. Some of the spots are raised, forming letters from the Braille alphabet.

Dot to Dog

View Clarke's sculpture.

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