Becky Smith

We're pleased to have emerging artist Becky Smith create a sculpture for our art trail.

About Becky

Emerging artist Becky Smith has quickly forged a committed following for her immersive original works that advocate the purest form of imagination.

With an agenda to create a dream-like reality inspired by life itself, Becky absorbs her surroundings near and far to fuse ideas from the outermost corners of our galaxy to the soil beneath our feet. With an adoration for nature found during exotic travels, many collections focus on the concept of paradise with flora and fauna in abundance. She encourages us all to wonder and marvel at the brilliance of natural phenomena and take note of the inner artist that can be found within.

Driven by the versatility of material, Becky evolves her work with a vitality born from an inquisitive mind. Works on board are layered with her trademark acrylic paints and aerosol spray, laced with metallic leaf. With many works across her portfolio now charged with a seamless pigment radiating a UV-charged glow, collectors can benefit from extraordinary compositions by day and by night. Illuminating with their physical presence and their freedom of thought, Becky’s original paintings are a welcome antidote to the concept of global catastrophe, celebrating the natural goodness this world and beyond has to offer.

Becky has collaborated with prestigious global brands such as Disney and Sony and has since acquired numerous celebrity clients amongst her collectors. With over 500,000 followers across her social platforms, Becky is an artist of remarkable vision and now counts herself amongst The Wyecliffe Galleries’ most highly regarded creative pioneers with collectors worldwide.

Follow Becky on Instagram at @bbeckysmithh

A gold guide dog sculpture with a multi-coloured floral and nature pattern including butterflies and birds. The dog has a red collar and a yellow harness with black handles.

Life is Golden

View Becky's sculpture.

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