Tim Sutcliffe

We're delighted to have Tim Sutcliffe join our pack and paint a guide dog sculpture for our trail.

About Tim

Tim is a Bristol-based artist, illustrator and designer, working in a variety of different illustrative styles for various commercial and charity clients. 

Tim started working on his first sculpture art trail about 10 years ago and has completed 42 sculptures to date in cities all around the UK. He likes to try out different styles and whilst he has done a few variations on certain themes, he likes to come up with original concepts for each trail.

Follow Tim on Instagram @liltimmytentoes

A guide dog sculpture that looks like a green dinosaur with textured scales and has horns growing out of its nose, ears and neck. The dog has a red collar and red and gold harness with yellow eyes.

Jurassic Bark

View Tim's sculpture.

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