Jenny Bloomfield

We're delighted to have Jenny Bloomfield join our pack and paint a mini guide dog sculpture for our art trail auction.

About Jenny

Jenny Bloomfield is an artist and children’s book illustrator from Leeds.

Her artistic process is centred around her ‘drawing a day’ project she started on 1st September 2014. Since that date, she has drawn something and posted it on her Instagram account (@jennybloomfield) every single day. Her subjects are varied, but on a day when she lacks inspiration, she will often draw a dog or two in her sketchbook. These drawings have become incredibly popular and she runs a successful online shop selling prints to dog lovers in every corner of the world. 

Her design for the sculpture will transfer the energy of her sketchbook drawings onto the three-dimensional form, capturing the individual personalities of lots and lots of dogs.
People are often surprised that she doesn’t have a dog of her own, (the cat wouldn’t allow it), but she has very strong memories of Yvette, a black Labrador guide dog puppy that her family fostered when she was a child.

Follow Jenny on Instagram at @jennybloomfield 

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