Young boy sitting on a playground toy looking towards the camera

Make Every Day Count funds support for visually impaired children and their families. Sign up today to help us make extraordinary moments possible every day.

Nell and Guide Dogs support worker walking down school corridor

Whether you’re looking for yourself, a member of your family, or your child, our experts can help you find ways to live actively, independently and well with sight loss.

Puppy raiser Kristy and guide dog puppy in training

Become a Puppy Raiser and provide a puppy with the vital foundation for its future role as a guide dog. It’s a rewarding, full-time volunteering opportunity, as you’ll be raising a puppy in your home for around 12-16 months.

Two people sitting on a park bench with guide dog and smiling

We believe that no one should be held back by a vision impairment. We campaign for the rights of people with sight loss to help them access public transport, our town centres and other public services.

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A pet dog with the Good Dog! subscription resources

The training and welfare subscription delivered from our experts to you. Designed to make life with your dog a walk in the park. And you’ll be supporting our life-changing work along the way!

Man and guide dog sitting together and looking towards the camera

By leaving a gift in your Will, no matter what size, you can help transform someone’s world.

Find out more with a free legacy guide.

Two women sitting on a sofa talking about their eye conditions

Get information on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and support available for those living with a range of eye conditions.