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If you have a vision impairment, a guide dog can help you become more independent and mobile. Highly trained to support you in navigating any mobility challenges you may face, guide dogs are a great way to get you out and about with confidence.

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A guide dog owner and her guide dog prepare to cross a road

Read on to learn more about how our dogs work, help, and change lives.

Guide dog meeting new owner

Explore whether a guide dog partnership is the right step for you, and the criteria you need to meet to partner with one of our dogs.

A Guide Dog Mobility Specialist walks alongside a guide dog owner and their guide dog in a sunny park.

Learn why matching guide dog owners with the right guide dog is so important and how we create partnerships.

A trainer gives a food reward to a guide dog in training.

Read about our dogs comprehensive training journey and how they're supported by a team of health, wellbeing, and training experts.

A guide dog in training walks along a path with a trainer.

Learn about guide dogs for children and young people.

Retired guide dog, Benji, sits on the floor beside his owner, John.

Learn when and why our guide dogs retire, and how we ensure they enjoy their well-earned retirement.

A cross breed guide dog

Our Guide Dog breeds

We work with a variety of breeds, including Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, German shepherds and crossbreeds.

When Terry met Spencer

“Life with Spencer is just phenomenal. He never leaves my side. He's my best buddy. There are no boundaries. If I want to go somewhere, I'll use a bit of technology, put Spencer's harness on and off we go.''

The effect on Terry’s life was pretty much instant. With Spencer by his side, he felt freer than he had for years

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Call our Guide Line to speak to an expert who can provide information and advice - we're here to help. We're open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday (except bank holidays).

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Find out answers to common questions about guide dog partnerships.