Our TV Adverts

We are Guide Dogs. And we’re here to help people with sight loss live the life they choose. 

Children and adults. Friends and family. Whoever you are, our expert staff, volunteers and life-changing dogs are here to help you.

We must continue working hard to raise awareness about the work we do so we can reach as many people as possible who may need our help, and TV advertising plays a key part in this.

In recent years we have had an overwhelmingly positive response to our television advertising, and so were proud to announce the launch of our latest advert earlier this year.

We find the way

In March 2023, we aired a new advert showcasing our range of life-changing services for adults and children with a vision impairment.

The story, which stars real service users and staff, centres around the sibling rivalry between two brothers, one who goes on to lose his sight. Our 'We find the way' advert shows how with our support, he continues to live actively, independently, and well, and how with help, families can overcome the challenges of sight loss.

If you would prefer to watch the video without audio description, there is a non-described version here rather than the accessible one above.
I loved filming the advert and it’s really true to life!

We have a wide range of services, with and without dogs, to support you throughout your lifetime. When others think it can't be done, we find the way.


To celebrate 90 years of helping people with sight loss live the life they choose, we created ‘Flash’ – a short, animated film that celebrates our amazing dogs, volunteers, and staff, who have been at the heart of our work since the beginning.

The animation follows the journey of guide dog puppy Flash and her puppy raiser, as she tries to gain the early experiences and skills needed to become a guide dog. The TV advert aired on 28 April 2021, International Guide Dogs Day. 

Flash is a celebration of both our dogs and the incredible contribution our volunteers make to their development. We couldn’t change the lives of people with sight loss without them. Flash is named after one of the UK’s first four Guide Dogs. She was partnered with World War One veteran, Alan Caldwell in 1931.

We also have a real-life Flash too! Born on 13 January 2021, Flash has since become a guide dog mum, and had her first litter of puppies in May 2023.

My daughter is visually impaired and the latest Guide Dogs tv advert really moved me and my family. We didn't realise that Guide Dogs also offered other services, such as help and support for children. As a result, we contacted Guide Dogs and have received amazing advice and support already. Thank you.
It never fails to amaze me what incredible work Guide Dogs do! After watching their tv ad I decided to make a difference and donate monthly to help them continue their life-changing services. I liked that there were so many different ways to donate too. Feels good that I can be part of something so incredible.

By My Side

Our heart-warming By My Side TV advert stars guide dog owner Alex as a father watching his daughter’s football match. 
The story focuses on the relationship between a father and daughter, not sight loss, but an everyday scenario instead.

We’re here to help people with sight loss live the life they choose.

You can help make a difference by becoming a volunteer

Our report, ‘By My Side’, reveals that over 42% of people with sight loss feel they are ‘left out’ of everyday moments that others might take for granted, such as socialising, dating, family life or work.