Rehome a dog

Our dogs are bred and trained to work as guide dogs and we’re delighted that the large majority of them qualify. However, some of our dogs are not made for guiding but would make great pets. Our qualified guide dogs might also need a new home once they have reached retirement with their guide dog owner.

We know it can be difficult to decide whether to rehome a dog from Guide Dogs or to adopt from an animal shelter. By rehoming from us you:

  • Are providing a loving home to a dog.

  • Find a wonderful new family member who will bring joy.

  • Know previous information on your new dog’s health and behaviour.

  • Support our goal of helping people with sight loss.

Historically many applicants have been looking for a “perfect dog” and this means we are not able to find the right dog for you. We’ll always explain a dog’s history and any issues to you so we appreciate the flexibility and experience of owning a dog with some complexities in applications.

Our dogs are typically being trained when they are between one to two years old, and this is often the time when we discover which dogs are likely to qualify and which dogs are not made for guiding. We also offer the ability to adopt a senior dog as not all our older dogs will stay with their guide dog owner. On rare occasions, we also need to rehome guide dogs who retire early.

If you’re looking for a dog rehoming centre near you in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, you might be the perfect forever home for one of our dogs.

“We're so proud of Dusty and feel honoured to share our lives with her. Thanks so much to Daniella, who's been utterly brilliant, and to all Guide Dogs staff for the wonderful work you do.”
Dusty's new owners

Meet Rainbow

Rainbow an ex guide dog sitting in the garden.

Could I be your perfect match?

Rainbow is a 5 ½ year-old German Shepard cross, who is an ex-Guide dog. She is a cuddly girl who will be a great companion. Rainbow loves long walks in quiet areas where she will be undisturbed by other dogs as she can have strong reactions like barking, lunging and chasing towards them. As a result, Rainbow will need to be the only pet in her home with children over the age of 13. Rainbow has a skin condition which is being managed by monthly injections (the rehomer will receive some financial support for this).

Is rehoming a dog from Guide Dogs right for me?

We spend a lot of time within our rehoming service making sure our dogs get the best match. We’ll help you consider everything involved in adopting a dog, so we can be sure to get it right for both you and our dogs. Due to high demand, we’re more likely to have a suitable dog if you can be flexible with the breed, type of behaviour or veterinary needs your dog may have, or if you’re interested in rehoming a German shepherd.

A volunteer couple walking a guide dog

Become a dog-focused volunteer

If our rehoming service doesn’t sound quite right for you or you want to try out looking after a dog, you may be interested in one of our dog-focused volunteer roles. Volunteering as a puppy raiser or fosterer is a great way to support our work. If you become a foster home, you’ll receive guidance on your dog’s health and behaviour from our experts, and you won’t have to worry about the financial costs of being a pet owner. If you’d like to find out more

Got a question?

You can contact our national Guide Line at:

0800 781 1444