Support for children with vision impairment

We provide a range of services to support not only your child, but the whole family. This includes equipping your child with the skills they need to live an independent and active life, to family events that connect families living with sight loss.

We’re here for your child, and you, every step of the way.

How we've helped Margot

Margot is one of the youngest children we are supporting. Margot was diagnosed with bilateral anophthalmia, which is when a baby is born without both of their eyes. 

When Margot was nine weeks old, her parents reached out to Guide Dogs for help. They were introduced to Kate, a Habilitation Specialist, and soon began having monthly sessions to help Margot explore the world around her.

Kate has done things with Margot that we would never have known to do and would never have thought of doing. It means that for Margot, her development has come on far more than if we didn't have the support of Guide Dogs and if we didn't have Kate visiting her on a weekly basis.
Laura, Margot's mum

In this section...

Helping children and young people learn mobility and life skills that are essential for daily life.

The technology, devices, toys, tailor-made books and educational support needed for learning, confidence and independence.

We’re here for the whole family through our Family Experience events and family support services.

Our guide dogs give children and young people the confidence to get out and about safely.

Buddy dogs are a canine friend that helps a child build confidence, and can have a hugely positive effect on the whole family.