Whether you are looking for more information on technology to help you, tips on looking after your guide dog, or support for your family, we have provided information and advice on an array of topics to answer your queries about living with sight loss.

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Guide Dogs service user using magnifying app on phone to read a textbook

Eye conditions

Here we explore some of the most common eye conditions and share guidance on their real-life implications, so you can understand more about what living with these conditions might mean for you.

Guide Dogs' staff member John at the front door of his home with his Long Cane

Skills for living independently with sight loss. This includes looking after yourself, your home and getting about safely, as well as strategies to make the most of your vision.

Our trained and experienced family support officers are able to provide practical advice and emotional support from the moment your child is diagnosed with a vision impairment.

Nell touches braille on her classroom door that reads blue class

From finding the right nursery to extra support at university, we’re here to help your child move smoothly through every stage of their education.

Dad with son and daughter all looking at an iPad screen at a garden table

Find out how technology can help you live independently with sight loss, from specialist assistive technology to apps and Apple accessibility features.

Guide Dog owner getting off bus

Whether you're planning a big trip or just your daily commute, here are some key resources on travelling with your assistance dog.

Black Labrador Guide Dogs

Here you can find advice from our experts on looking after your dog, from keeping them healthy to helping them adjust to a new arrival in the family.

Sighted guide volunteer with cane user Guide Dogs

From safely navigating doorways to climbing stairs, our series of videos offer a quick introduction to sighted guiding skills.

Baby playing with mum's hair

Here you can find activities from our experts to help your child learn important skills through play for their early years development.

Playing with sensory toys and apps will help improve your child's social, emotional and technological skills. Find out how we can help you choose and fund what your child needs.

Alma, a visually impaired girl, playing indoors on a rainy day

Browse through a collection of activities and resources to help keep your child physically active and entertained while they're at home.

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