Guide Dogs' centres

Take a look at our centres - from the National Centre, where our puppies begin their journey, to our four regional centres where they continue their training to become life-changing Guide Dogs. 

The National Centre 

The National Centre, formerly known as the National Breeding Centre located just outside of Leamington Spa, is where our puppies begin their journey to become life-changing guide dogs. The centre has room to breed up to 1,500 puppies a year and, since opening our doors in 2011, we have now bred almost 11,000 puppies - that's a lot of life-changers!

We offer scheduled visitor experiences of the National Centre, where attendees may get the chance to see the puppies as they socialise and grow; gaining experience of everyday sights and sounds, which help them develop the skills needed to become guide dogs. 

Guide Dogs' regional centres

After their time at the National Centre, our puppies go on to meet their puppy raisers, who support them as they grow and develop. Once they are ready, our dogs go to start their training! We currently have four guide dog regional centres in the country. 

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The National Centre is home to our world-class breeding programme. Discover the important work that takes place here to help produce our life-changing guide dogs.

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