How your money is helping

In 2016, it cost £48.9 million to run the guide dog service.

It costs Guide Dogs £56,800 to support a guide dog from birth to retirement.

This cost is made up of the following six stages:

  1. Breeding a guide dog puppy £3,600
    We hand-pick the best dogs around to breed the next generation of world-class guide dogs.
  2. Puppy walking £5,300
    Our puppies are house trained, taught basic obedience and familiarised with our busy world.
  3. Early training £22,000
    New trainees learn how to guide by walking down the centre of a pavement, avoiding obstacles, stopping at the kerbs and crossing the road.
  4. Advanced training £10,400
    Having mastered the essentials, each dog is matched with a prospective owner and undergoes further training tailored to the owner’s specific needs.
  5. Partnership training £3,300
    Finally we bring dog and owner together to complete their training, forming a new life-changing partnership.
  6. To breed and train a guide dog costs £44,600
  7. Supporting partnerships £12,200

Guide Dogs continues to support our dogs during their time working as a guide. This covers the cost of food, vets’ bills and ongoing training.
Total cost from birth to retirement £56,800

Where your money goes

  • £5 supports a working guide dog partnership for a day
  • £25 buys a white harness, the iconic symbol of a fully qualified guide dog
  • £95 buys a Training School Kit for a guide dog starting training at training school
  • £140 buys a Starter Kit for a new guide dog owner

Further Information

You can find more detailed information on how we spend our money in our annual review and report.


Breakdown of a pound