How your money is helping

In 2018, we spent over £49 million on providing our guide dog service.

It costs Guide Dogs around £55,000 to support a guide dog from birth to retirement.

This includes:

  1. Breeding a guide dog puppy £4,000
    We hand-pick the best dogs around to breed the next generation of world-class guide dogs.
  2. Puppy walking £5,000
    Our puppies are house trained, taught basic obedience and familiarised with our busy world.
  3. Early training £22,000
    New trainees learn how to guide by walking down the centre of a pavement, avoiding obstacles, stopping at the kerbs and crossing the road.
  4. Advanced training £10,000
    Having mastered the essentials, each dog is matched with a prospective owner and undergoes further training tailored to the owner’s specific needs.
  5. Partnership training £3,000
    Finally we bring dog and owner together to complete their training, forming a new life-changing partnership.
  6. Supporting partnerships £12,000
    Guide Dogs continues to support our dogs during their time working as a guide. This covers the cost of food, vets’ bills and ongoing training.

How we spend your money

  • £5 can support a working guide dog for a day
  • £25 can buy a white harness, the iconic symbol of a fully qualified guide dog
  • £95 can buy a Training School Kit for a guide dog trainer who teach pups the specialist skills they will need to become a qualified guide dog.
  • £140 can buy a Starter Kit for a new guide dog owner containing everything they need to start a life with their new guide dog. 

Breakdown of a pound

Further Information

You can find an accessible version of the breakdown of the pound as well as more detailed information on how we spend our money in our annual review and report.