Looking after a dog means dealing with challenges or new situations that arise at various stages in their life, and yours. Our experts have provided some guidance on how best to handle these to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Ginger free running with a toy in her mouth

Listen to how we look after and monitor our dogs so they lead happy and healthy lives.  

This podcast covers an explanation and in-depth conversation around the five domains model that we use at Guide Dogs to ensure that our dogs thrive in their lifetime.

In this section...

Yellow labrador puppy looks over shoulder

Find out how to set puppies up for optimal learning and growth into confident, well-adjusted adult dogs.

A guide dog sitting between two deckchairs on the beach

How to keep your dog happy and healthy during hot weather.

Dog running in an open green space towards camera

Our tips to protect yourself and your dog from dog theft, whether you are a guide dog owner, a volunteer for Guide Dogs or a pet owner.

A guide dogs vet is looking in a puppies mouth

Keeping your dog healthy.

Close up of a black puppy

Support for vets working with guide dogs.

Guide dog owner and dog crossing a road

Some points to consider before and during your travels with your guide dog.

A person holding a dog with them looking over their shoulder

Tips from our experts on how to prepare your dog for your baby's arrival and the changes around the home.

A golden retriever rests its head on the floor

Helping your dog during firework season.

Twoyellow guide dogs sat next to eachother in the spring grass looking to camera

Easter dangers to look out for to protect your dog’s health and wellbeing.