Dog care

The wellbeing of our dogs is at the heart of everything we do. Giving your dog the very best care helps them live a long, happy, and healthy life.

Our dog health and wellbeing experts have shared tips and advice on how to look after your dog at every stage of their life, based on 90 years of working with our guide dogs and putting their health and wellbeing first.

Our dogs give us so much, it's only right that we, as handlers, give them everything they need to be happy and healthy. Whether this be through the provision of veterinary care, ethical handling or providing our dogs with exercise and enrichment, all of these work together to build a life our dogs can thrive in.
Louisa, Head of Dog Health and Wellbeing Improvement

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Health and wellbeing

Taking care of your dog’s health and wellbeing is important. From daily health checks, grooming techniques, and older dog care, we have advice and guidance to support both you and your dog.

A guide dogs lies down on his bed.

Find out the signs of arthritis in dogs and treatment options to help dogs with painful joints stay comfortable and active for as long as possible.

Guide Dog looking up

Helping your dog remain healthy and comfortable as they enter their senior stage of life. 

A vet and veterinary nurse examine a guide dog in training.

Read about the importance of routine health checks to keep your dog happy and healthy.

A guide dog rests his head next to a brush and comb grooming set.

Learn why regular grooming is vital for your dog’s comfort and welfare, as well as being an enjoyable way to build up a strong bond between you and your dog.

A Labrador cross Golden Retriever runs towards the camera in a grassy field

Support for veterinary professionals working with guide dogs. 

A dog first aid kit lying next to first aid equipment, such as disposable gloves, saline solution and gauze.

Read our advice on first aid for your dog, and how to provide comfort and support to your dog until they can get proper medical attention.

A guide dog lays on the floor as his owner kneels next to him, gently stroking his head.

Learn how to meet all of your dog's nutritional, environmental, health, behavioural and mental needs.

A dog owner gently inspects their dog's paws.

Find out how to give your canine companion a check-up, to help spot when there are changes that should be checked by a vet.

How we care for our dogs

Hear from Tim, Director of Canine Affairs, Caroline, Veterinary Surgeon, and Shannon, Veterinary Nurse to learn how we ensure our dogs stay healthy and happy throughout their lives.


As the seasons change, your dog will be exposed to exciting new sights, sounds, smells and adventures. Our tips will help keep your dog healthy and happy throughout the year.

A black Labrador stands in a forest, smiling to camera.

Read about the different challenges and risks to your dog that each season brings.

A guide dog owner and his guide dog sit beside some wildflowers.

From antifreeze to wild plants, it’s important you’re aware of potential risks and where you might find them, as well as what to do if your dog consumes something poisonous.

Dog sitting in field looking into camera

It's important you're aware of the effects that the warmer temperature can have on your dog.

A dog lays on a tiled floor at home.

Read on to find out about common household poisons, why they’re harmful and practical tips to help avoid poisoning incidents.

German Shepherd looking away from camera

Snow and cold weather can harm your dog’s paws. Learn how to keep your dog warm and safe in the winter.

A man playing fiework video sounds on his phone whilst his golden retriever listens

Firework season can be a stressful time for your dog. Find out how you can help keep your dog calm during fireworks.

A labrador cross poodle guide dog sat in front of a Christmas tree and presents

Find out how you can keep your dog safe and happy at Christmas, so everyone can enjoy the festive period.

Twoyellow guide dogs sat next to eachother in the spring grass looking to camera

Easter dangers to look out for to protect your dog’s health and wellbeing.

A woman smiles at her dog. The dog is sat looking up at the woman

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Our Guide Dogs Loves range of essential dog accessories has been handpicked by our experts. We recommend these products for our own dogs, and they're perfect for pet dogs too!

Safety and security

Your dog is part of the family, and it's vital you protect them from harm. Explore our tips to help you and your dog feel safe and secure throughout your life together.

Dog running in an open green space towards camera

Our tips to protect yourself and your dog from dog theft, whether you are a guide dog owner, a volunteer for Guide Dogs or a pet owner.

Guide dog owner and dog crossing a road

Some points to consider before and during your travels with your guide dog.

Training and behaviour

Every dog is an individual so it's crucial to take the time to learn about your dog's unique behaviours and personality. Read on to learn how developing a deeper understanding of your dog will help you build a stronger bond.

A dog sits in front of a baby gate, looking up at his owner as she gives him a puzzle toy.

Tips from our experts on how to prepare your dog for your baby's arrival and the changes around the home.

A couple play with their dog in their garden, there are dog toys on the grass.

Mental stimulation is important for your dog’s development. Get inspired with our ideas for dog enrichment games, activities and toys. 

Yellow labrador puppy looks over shoulder

Find out how to set puppies up for optimal learning and growth into confident, well-adjusted adult dogs.

A German Shepherd sat looking over to the left engaged with his ears up

Learn to read your dog’s body language and understand the signs of a happy, stressed or fearful dog.

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