My early routines

These activities are suitable for children aged 0–6 months and align with stage 1a of the Developmental Journal Babies Visual Impairment (DJVI).

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Safety first 

What you'll need 

Blankets, mats, brushes, sponges, gloves


  • Take time with your child to explore the world around them. The things they feel and smell can help support routines, familiarity and make them feel secure.


Using different surfaces or mats for separate activities can help your child understand what is going to happen next. Try using a:

  • Brightly coloured mat with crinkly texture/sound for play
  • Plastic coated mat for changing
  • Soft blanket for sleep

Take every opportunity to introduce and feel new textures together, the more often your child explores, the more they will want to continue exploring. Encourage your child to touch and feel a range of textures throughout the day, for example: 

  • The sponge or cloth when washing 
  • Your clothes you’re wearing when you’re carrying, nursing or cuddling them
  • Gently massage your child with different textured sponges, make-up brushes, gloves and foam pads

Use simple words consistently to describe activities.

Please supervise your child at all times while completing any of these activities.

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