Children and young people inspiring stories

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Alma and her sister Suzie, using their white canes, out walking with their parents

Alma Dawson has nystagmus and Leber congenital amaurosis; her younger sister Suzie has the same condition. So Mum, Sophie, found attending a family weekend invaluable.

Nell wearing glasses and a hat outside

Nell was born with glaucoma – making her one in six billion. But this didn't stop her mum promising her she would be able to do whatever she wanted.

Logan with his Guide Dogs buddy dog Dan

Leaving the house for Logan Jewell, who was born without sight, was always difficult. But when buddy dog Dan joined the family, he gave Logan the confidence to have fun and enjoy life.

Caitlin playing a keyboard

Caitlin was born with congenital glaucoma but that hasn't stopped her performing her songs for hundreds of people and training with the British judo VI team.

Fin reading a custom eyes book

Fin just wanted to be the same as all the other children in his class and who knew that that would lead to a love of reading, the theatre and playing the piano!

Rebecca travelling on a bus

The eye condition hypothalamic astrocytoma has not stopped Rebecca from applying to do a professional cookery course at college later this year.