Services we provide

Whilst we are still doing our best to deliver most of our services, due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) we have had to make some changes.

Our online information and guidance provides a range of up to date advice and resources relevant to adults and children with sight loss during the Coronavirus outbreak. You can also call our helpline on 0800 781 1444 or contact your local team.

Children and young people's services

Help your child develop the joy of reading. Our CustomEyes large print books mean they can read all the same books as their friends and classmates.

Our family events are a great day out where your family can have fun and meet those with similar stories, while your child makes life-long friends.

With the right technology, children and young people with a vision impairment can learn, play and grow. Find out how you can apply for a grant.

From finding the right nursery to extra support at university, we’re here to help your child move smoothly through every stage of their education.

Movement Matters is a full range of services, from mobility training to life skills, designed to help your child navigate the world around them.

Our trained and experienced family support officers are able to provide practical advice and emotional support from the moment your child is diagnosed with a vision impairment.

Playing with sensory toys and apps will help improve your child's social, emotional and technological skills. Find out how we can help you choose and fund what your child needs.

A guide dog could offer significant benefits to your child, including increased confidence, self-esteem, independence and mobility.

We believe a dog can make a huge difference to any child’s life, helping them build confidence and trust. Discover how our buddy dogs could help.

Call our advice line on 0800 781 1444 for more information and guidance for families with children with a vision impairment.

Adults’ services

A visually impaired lady laughing with her My Guide from Guide Dogs

My Guide, our free sighted guiding service, helps promote freedom and independence for people with a vision impairment. We also offer support in the form of guiding training for your friends and family.

Find out more about how technology can enhance your life, from complex sound-based technology to iPhone accessibility features.

A guide dog owner with his Guide Dog and a companion sitting on a beach

There are over 4,950 guide dog owners in the UK. If you are blind or partially sighted, a guide dog could change your life. Find out how we can help you get out and about.

Man smiles whilst in a cafe using his cane

We’ve also created a range of ‘hints and tips’ guidance to support your independence and wellbeing during this challenging time. Both outdoors and indoors.

Woman with sight loss wears sunglasses outdoors

Here you can find information to help you continue developing and maintaining your independence during this challenging time.  


The friendship of a companion dog can have huge benefits to health and wellbeing. Find out more on how a companion dog could help you.

For more information on adults’ services, complete our short form

Other services

Through meeting, listening, seeing and learning from one of our volunteer speakers, people feel they know about Guide Dogs and feel inspired to help change a life. Find out more at or on 0345 143 0192.

Guide with confidence

Knowing how to guide safely can make a huge difference to those with sight loss. Our practical training for friends and family gives you all the techniques you need to confidently navigate while you’re out and about.

Guide Dogs is working hard to share accessible content and provide hints and tips to people with sight loss to increase independence and promote choice, The resources on this site are intended to assist people with sight loss (and friends and family) to stay healthy and active. They should not be construed as a replacement for formal training and you should use you own judgment as to whether they are suitable for your individual requirements.