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Children, young people and adults' services

Children and young peoples' services

Call our advice line on 0800 781 1444 for information and
guidance for families with children with a vision impairment

or email us

CustomEyes books

Fin with his CustomEyes books from Guide DogsWe can produce books in large-print, tailor-made to suit your child’s eye condition. Books include fact and popular fiction titles, annuals and National Curriculum revision guides for home and school.

Assistive technology and grants

Young girl using assistive tech at a Guide Dogs experience dayDiscover how assistive technology (also called access or adaptive technology) could help your child play and study – and how you can secure funding.

Sensory equipment and grants

Elodie playing with coloured lights sensory equipmentPlaying with sensory toys and apps will help improve your child's social, emotional and technological skills. Find out how we can help you chose and fund what your child needs.

Family events

A young boy with a Bearded Dragon Lizard at a Guide Dogs' family eventA UK-wide programme of day and weekend family events where children with a visual impairment, and their siblings, can play with others who have similar conditions and parents can access information and help.

Education support

Imogen, a visually impaired young girl, hanging up her coat in the classroomFind out how to get specialist support that will meet your child’s needs to ensure they are supported at school, and that they attend the nursery, school or college that’s right for them.

Family support

Harry, a visually impaired boy, and his family are supported by Guide DogsOur trained and experienced family support officers are able to provide practical advice and emotional support from the moment your child is diagnosed with a vision impairment.

Mobility training

Louie,-a-long-cane-user,-out-with-his-friendsOur Movement Matters training will give your child the confidence to independently navigate the world around them safely, with lifelong orientation and mobility skills.

Guide dogs for children and young people

Joshua meeting a black Labrador guide dogA guide dog could offer significant benefits to your child, including increased confidence, self-esteem, independence and mobility.

Buddy dogs

Two young girls with a buddy dogWe believe that a dog can make a remarkable difference in any child’s life by fostering a sense of responsibility and companionship through the human/animal bond.

Adults' services

or call your local Community Team

Sighted guiding service

Sonia, a vision impaired lady, with Fabio, her sighted guide from Guide DogsMy Guide, our free sighted guiding service, helps promote freedom and independence for people with a vision impairment. We also offer support in the form of guiding training for your friends and family.


A graphic of an iris to depict the technological services provided by Guide DogsFind out more about how technology can enhance your life, from complex sound-based technology to iPhone accessibility features.

Guide dogs for adults

A guide dog owner with his guide dogs and a companion sitting on a beachThere are over 4,950 guide dog owners in the UK. If you are blind or partially sighted, a guide dog could change your life. Find out how we can help you get out and about.


Other services

Invite a speaker

A Guide Dogs volunteer speaker at a Beaver's meetingThrough meeting, listening, seeing and learning from one of our volunteer speakers, people feel they know about Guide Dogs and feel inspired to help change a life.


By My Side

Guide Dogs is here to help you achieve your own goals, whether that be having access to school curriculum large print books, or enjoying your favourite hobby like Rosie in our video below.

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