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Pupdate 1 - Lily’s journey has begun!

Hello, it’s Carole here, Lily’s Puppy Raiser. Lily is the 12th dog I’ve puppy raised, and it has been a joy so far. I absolutely love being a Puppy Raiser as each stage gives you satisfaction. It can be hard work but the end reward of seeing a qualified guide dog with their owner makes it all worth it. When you get the call to hear that a dog you looked after has qualified it feels like being on cloud nine and makes you so proud. 

Lily is a quick learner; she is the first German shepherd I’ve had and it was interesting to see her differences compared to previous pups I’ve raised. Lily is a very loving dog, and always wanted me beside her at the start, so she took a bit longer to settle at night. Through some trial and error in her sleeping arrangements, we soon found out that she felt a lot more comfortable when sleeping in her crate. She’s been as good as gold ever since. 

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