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Scouts A Million Hands logoSchroter a visually impaired boy reading a CustomEyes bookGuide Dogs is proud to be a partner in A Million Hands. If you have already chosen disability as the issue you’re going to look at as part of the Community Impact badge, then a big thank you, we’re delighted! If you haven’t chosen yet, please do encourage your group to choose a disability.

Just imagine not being able to read your favourite book. As part of the A Million Hands initiative, Guide Dogs is asking Scouts of all ages to help us open up the world of books and the joy of reading to young people with a vision impairment or dyslexia. Your Group can take action by supporting our CustomEyes large print book service.

CustomEyes takes standard print books and converts them into a large print version, tailor-made to each reader’s individual requirements. It costs more than £250 to produce a CustomEyes book but the price for readers, their families or their school to buy them is only the book’s recommended retail price.


Getting involved and making a difference is easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Request our CustomEyes activity pack by emailing scouts@guidedogs.org.uk
  2. Register for A Million Hands and download the Guide Dogs Disability resource pack
  3. Start to understand the issue - You may want to invite a Guide Dogs speaker to a Section evening to share their story
  4. Get creative and plan to take action by arranging your Big Read event, where you can share stories, review books and raise funds
  5. Email us at scouts@guidedogs.org.uk and tell us what you did! We'll then send you a bookmark for every member of your Section!

Whether they’re told around the campfire or you’re sat on the sofa reading a book, stories have the power to take us on amazing adventures. We want every young person to have access to amazing stories, but without the CustomEyes service, children and young people who are partially sighted, or who have dyslexia, wouldn’t be able to read the same books as their friends and could find it difficult to keep up with others in class.