Puppy Helper Experience

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We offer a Puppy Helper Experience at the National Centre. The half-day experience allows visitors to get hands-on with activities, including:

  • Meeting and helping us to socialise some of our puppies
  • Meet a guide dog owner, subject to availability
  • Touring our puppy facilities and learning about their journey
  • Taking a behind the scenes tour of the centre
  • Feeding a litter of puppies (when possible)
  • Learning about how we train our guide dogs
  • Photo opportunities
  • Refreshments

Puppy Helper Experience group sizes will be limited to a maximum of 6 people. The experience can be bought as a celebratory gift, work incentive, or for educational reasons. Visitors will receive a certificate and gift at the end of the session to go with some great memories of these very special dogs.

The great interaction and time we were given to play and feed the pups was lovely. The staff were extremely informative and friendly. Thank you so much for making this a special day.

Prices and useful information

  • The sessions last 3 hours
  • Morning sessions are 10am - 1pm, and afternoon sessions are 1.30pm - 4.30pm
  • The cost is £125 per ticket, plus the agent's service fee
  • Each individual attendee will need to purchase a ticket
  • There are 75 sessions throughout the year, which are all on Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, and Friday afternoons
  • There is a lower age limit of 5 years old for the Puppy Helper Experience

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