Changes to volunteer roles

Depending on your role, there may be some changes to the way your volunteering happens now as we follow government guidelines on social distancing and guidance on keeping safe outside. The changes to our main volunteering roles are listed below.

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Puppy walkers and boarders

We are incredibly grateful for the dedication and generosity of our puppy walkers and boarders, especially in these challenging times. Your health and safety, and the health and wellbeing of the puppies and dogs you look after, is extremely important to us.

The following information has been developed to address any questions you may have at this time.

General canine FAQs

Looking after your dog

Emergency dog boarding

My Guides

We know that many of our My Guide volunteers are keen to get out again with their My Guide partners. We’re extremely grateful to those volunteers who have been supporting  their partners during lockdown with 24,481 ‘keeping in touch’ calls (and counting). Behind the scenes, we’re putting together plans to ensure everything is in place so you and your partner can get out again safely. Once this has been done, your My Guide Service Manager will be in touch with you to discuss your individual circumstances and a plan to reinstate your partnership.  

Thank you again for your resilience and understanding during this time. We appreciate your patience and ask you not to resume any visits until we confirm it is safe to do so. This means no face-to-face contact should take place until you’ve been notified by Guide Dogs. It is felt at this time that these measures are necessary to protect our service users and volunteers. Restrictions also include the volunteer role - My Guide free running/walking of dogs. 

We remain committed to maintaining regular contact to reduce the impact of our suspended service and associated isolation. 


Following government advice, we made the decision to cancel or rearrange all face-to-face speaker events until further notice. Instead, we’re now offering virtual speaking events. These have been well-received. If any Speakers who haven’t already been asked to host a virtual event and would like to — please contact the Community Fundraising Supporter Care Team on 0345 1430234 to register your interest.  
Although we’re not currently offering face-to-face speaker workshops, we do have a virtual session that you can book a place to develop your learning and skills. We also have a private Speaker Facebook group where you can connect with other volunteer Speakers and share experiences. If you would like to find out more about our virtual workshop, please please contact the Community Fundraising Supporter Care Team on 0345 1430234. 


Following the government’s advice on limiting face-to-face contact and non-essential travel, no driving activities will/should be carried out. 

Fundraising groups

We’re still closely monitoring the ongoing situation and we’ll be in touch with Fundraising Group organisers about the option of restarting volunteering with us when it’s safe to do so, and if your personal circumstances allow. In the meantime, we have a private Fundraising Facebook group where you can connect with other volunteers and share virtual fundraising ideas and successes. If you would like to join this group, please contact the Community Fundraising Supporter Care Team on 0345 1430234.

Fundraising and events FAQS