• Who are buddy dogs?

    Buddy dogs are dogs that have been given a career change because life as a guide dog wasn’t quite right for them. This means they may have health or behavioural difficulties such as a skin condition, anxiety or problems with their joints. If they do, we’ll give you the right support to manage it but remember that no dog is ‘perfect’.
  • What's life like with a buddy dog?

    Buddy dogs can be a huge benefit to your child and family, but they also need plenty of care and commitment throughout their lives – typically around 10-14 years. It’s also worth thinking about whether you’ll have the energy to look after a big dog.
  • How long does it take to get a buddy dog?
    The time it takes to be matched and paired up with a buddy dog depends on the circumstances of each child and their family – and whether we have the right dog available, of course.
  • Can my buddy dog help my child with their mobility?
    A buddy dog will definitely help your child feel more keen and confident to get out and about, but they shouldn’t be used as a mobility aid or sighted guide.
  • Will my buddy dog be able to go into shops with my child?
    No – buddy dogs don’t have the same legal access rights as guide dogs, so they may not be allowed in.
  • Can we have a buddy dog if my child isn't visually impaired?

    No – our buddy dogs are only for children with sight loss. If your child has additional needs, such as autism, alongside their visual impairment, this is also fine.