Mobility training for children

While sighted children learn about movement, mobility and managing the world around them by watching others, children with a vision impairment often need a little extra support.

That's why we've developed My Life Skills, a range of habilitation services designed to help children and young people reach their full potential. Habilitation involves mobility, orientation and independent living skills. From supporting physical development in the early years to navigating streets safely, preparing food, handling money, using technology and managing their appearance as they grow older.

Mobility skills

Our experts can teach your child how to move around safely and confidently. Our mobility training sessions cover:

  • understanding how body parts move
  • posture, crawling and walking for very young children
  • how to run, jump or skip as they get older
  • using other senses, like touch, taste, hearing, smell and balance
  • spatial concepts and orientation, such as understanding left and right
  • listening skills and identifying sounds like traffic
  • cane skills and navigating around new places
  • road safety and how to use public transport

The sooner your child can start mobility training the better, as it develops their early movement skills and introduces them to different ways of learning.

Life skills

Apart from mobility training, we can help children and young people develop the tools they need to become more independent, including:

  • organisational skills, like keeping things in the same place
  • kitchen skills, from pouring and spreading to food preparation
  • advanced social skills, so they can communicate effectively
  • personal care, such as cleaning teeth or getting dressed
  • money management and shopping skills
  • personal safety
  • getting to know new places and managing life changes, like moving to secondary school or university

  • help with finding other useful agencies or support groups

Family support

We can also help you to offer the right level of support for your child at home, at school, and beyond. Our habilitation experts are available to answer questions or provide more information about helping your child build confidence in their abilities. Get started by contacting us on the email below.

Helen, Oashia’s habilitation specialist, has been a lifesaver. She’s taught us both so much. She taught Oashia how to prepare simple meals for herself, while I’ve learned how to support Oashia in the kitchen. They’re only tiny things but it’s made such a big difference to our lives.
Penny, Oashia’s great aunt and guardian

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