Answering your child's questions about sight loss

As your child becomes aware of their vision impairment they may start to have questions about their condition and how it could affect them and their future life.

It’s only natural for you to want to protect your child. However, trying to be as open and honest as possible can help your child and prevent them becoming frightened by or uncomfortable with their vision impairment. This approach will also help them feel secure, and will let them know you are there to help overcome any obstacles or barriers they may face.

Try to avoid keeping secrets from your child as this could lead to feelings of unease or anxiety. This is also true for your child’s siblings, who may also be worried and anxious about what is happening in the family. Please see our guidance on supporting brothers and sisters for more advice.

Support available

If you don’t have the answers to your child's questions, or you are not sure when the time is right, please ask for support. You can speak with your child's eye doctor (Ophthalmologist), who will be able to discuss your child's condition and diagnosis with you from a medical standpoint. You can also speak to our specialist Family Support Officers about a range of issues surrounding your child's diagnosis. 

Our team is here to help

  • Explaining any medical terminology
  • Offering emotional support so you have someone to talk to outside your family circle
  • Providing advice and information on other sources of support and services

The RNIB has also produced guidance for parents and carers about talking to children about their vision loss.

Need more info

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