Recognising people around me

These activities are suitable for children aged 0–6 months and align with stage 1a of the Developmental Journal Babies Visual Impairment (DJVI).

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Safety first

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  • As you approach your child, talk to them and watch their reaction. Your child may stay still and listen, or smile and make some sounds of their own.
  • Make it clear that when you’re talking to your child by using their name first.
  • Talk to your child as you move closer to let them know that you are approaching. They can hear you as you move and will start to recognise the different voices that are important to them.
  • Before you lift your child, say their name, talk to them and gently touch them to let them know you are there. Try to use the same position on their body and the same words each time you lift them. 
  • When holding your child, try talking with your face close to theirs and encourage them to touch your face. 
  • Use a variety of tones and songs when speaking to your child to make language and voices fun. Visiting family and having a song that relates to each person can help your child understand who different people are. Try repeating this each time, to help your child to associate certain voices and people.


Please supervise your child at all times while completing any of these activities.

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